What is APRSdroid?

APRSdroid is an Android application for Amateur Radio operators. It allows reporting your position to the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) network, displaying of nearby amateur radio stations and the exchange of APRS messages.

APRSdroid is Open Source Software written in Scala and licensed under the GPLv2.


You can use APRSdroid to connect to the APRS network via different means:

Once connected, you can beacon your presence, see which stations (amateurs and repeaters) are around and send/receive APRS messages.


[QR code] If you really like APRSdroid, you can support the author by buying the Google Play version. You will get automatic updates and a good feeling.

You can also get the sources and follow the compilation instructions.

It is also possible to download the APK for manual installation.

See the app's ChangeLog for a list of changes.


Hub View Map View Station Info Activity Notification Station Info Preferences


You can contact the author via GitHub or on the XMPP chat-room aprsdroid@chat.yax.im (webchat). We used to have the IRC channel #aprsdroidon the FreeNode network, but that was killed in 2021.

You can also help the project by translating APRSdroid into your language. Just register with the APRSdroid Translation Project on Launchpad and translate with the easy-to-use web interface.

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