APRSdroid Privacy and Permissions

Privacy Policy

APRSdroid is an application to share your position and status as well as exchange messages with other amateur radio operators. You must be a licensed radio amateur to use the app. Amateur radio is an experimental, open and public way to use the radio spectrum.

In most legislations, encryption is forbidden on amateur radio frequencies, and this is extended to the APRS-IS network on the Internet.

By using APRSdroid, you are making the content of all your transmissions, including your current position, speed, and message content accessible to the general public. The information will be stored by public and private APRS listeners for an indeterminate time.

App Permissions

To operate properly, APRSdroid needs the following permissions on Android, for the given reasons:


This permission allows the app to access the GPS position. This is required for precise tracking, especially with SmartBeaconing™.


To allow AFSK operation, APRSdroid needs to access the microphone and to change the audio output / volume. The app will only record audio if you enable and start the AFSK mode. Recorded audio data will never be transferred away from your phone, only decoded locally.


Access to the internal storage, USB storage and SD card is required to store offline map data and to import SSL certificates.

Bluetooth and USB (BLUETOOTH & BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, access to USB devices)

APRSdroid allows to connect a TNC using a Bluetooth-serial dongle or via USB serial. The BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission is required for the former on some phones.


For APRS-IS, the default mode in APRSdroid, an Internet connection is required.

Sticky Broadcasts (BROADCAST_STICKY)

Starting with Android 4.0, this permission is required for Bluetooth audio: Android bug report.


The vibration permission is required to make haptic notifications on incoming messages/position reports.